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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions!


I brush and floss regularly. Why do I still need to see the dentist?

We applaud you for brushing and flossing regularly, but it’s still important to attend general dentistry appointments twice a year. It’s equally important to schedule routine children’s dentistry examinations for your little ones. Dr. Handshuh has completed extensive education to effectively care for the teeth and gums of her patients, and your mouth will be thoroughly maintained with her skilled help. Many problems that develop aren’t noticeable to the untrained eye, and dentists can identify issues that could lead to further complications. Plaque can’t be removed by a toothbrush, but it can be eliminated during a deep cleaning by a dental hygienist at Dr. Handshuh’s office. Pairing regular visits to our dental office with your excellent oral hygiene will effectively protect your smile.

I want to improve the look of my smile. How can you help?

Dr. Handshuh can help her cosmetic dentistry patients better the look of their smile with difference procedures. To brighten your image, ask us about teeth whitening to help erase stains from your enamel and lighten your smile. If you have a damaged tooth, or if you have multiple damaged teeth, we may be able to place porcelain veneers to provide the appearance of intact teeth. It all depends on your individual needs. Call us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

How should I repair my smile?

We can’t answer that for you until you schedule and attend a restorative dentistry consultation! Our dental implants and crown and bridge therapy can replace your missing teeth permanently in your mouth, while our dentures and partial dentures take the place of teeth. Call us today so that we can begin customizing your treatment.

Where are you located?

Dr. Hanshuh’s office is located at 5220 Clark Avenue, Suite 425 in Lakewood, California. If you need driving directions, feel free to call us!

Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes. We accept any dental insurance that allows you to pick your own dentist, and we will gladly file the insurance claim for you. Your HR(Human Resource) facilitator or employer should be able to confirm your eligibility and dental plan specifics.